About Us

We, at SHOPRITE, take great pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the oldest rice traders in India. We are a well established multi-product company engaged in agro-commodities. After serving Indian markets for more than 6 decades, we aim to serve international markets with high quality products and our expertise in the field.

We maintain strict quality control to ensure customer satisfaction. We have a setup to fulfill orders in any quantities as per customer’s needs, including processing, packing and export.

Our Philosophy


Rice is a good source of Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin and dietary Fibre. Un-milled rice contains more nutrients than milled or polished rice. We at SHOPRITE are committed to provide best quality foods which will support healthy living. As part of our mission, we decided to source INDIAN RICE processed in such a way that most of it’s nutrients and properties are preserved in the process. Our lab experts ensure that the rice packed in our brands do not have any chemicals exceeding the permissible limits as per international standards. Our main objectives are to provide quality products and ensure customer satisfaction.

SHOPRITE products stand for:

  • Quality healthy foods with high nutritious value
  • Safe foods with bare minimum chemical levels (within standard limits)
  • Conservation of the environment – by ensuring least detritions
  • Help survival of other living beings
  • Support poor farmers to help them achieve better living

Best value products for our customers – sourcing the best at the right time!